The Pioneers of Industry

Established in 1993 A.D., we are the first nursery of Nepal to introduce a business type that no one had identified before. Establishing an industry in the country by importing various plants, flowers, and trees seemed impossible back then. But our efforts brought the opportunity to many Nepalese to the industry.


Spread Over a Huge Area of 25,437 Sq. Meter

The Standard Nursery (TSN) is one of the members of the group of companies providing different services and products in the field of floriculture under one roof. The Group is the first and only in the country pioneering the concepts in floriculture. One of its main goals is to promote and drive floriculture towards industrialization in Nepal. We offers the finest qualities. Once you visit our nursery you will find endless options to make your garden perfect as you want.

We provide wide range of herbs, shrubs and trees for indoor and outdoor spaces. We are proud not only due to long history, we take pride on being able to provide plants which you may not find elsewhere in Nepal. This is possible because we import plants and seeds after doing research regarding possibilities of environmental challenges, soil quality and many more. This has been a long journey and now we are exporting on in-house production abroad.

History of The Standard Nursery

The Standard Nursery was conceived and made a reality by its founders, Late Mr. Hari Bhakta Shrestha and Mrs. Sushila Shrestha, about 45 years ago. The strong long-term vision of the founder has always been guidance and long patience are the result of what The Standard Nursery is today. In the early 70’s The Standard Nursery was established with a view of promoting floriculture in the country, recognizing a great potential, due to diverse micro-climate regions throughout the country.

Gradually, The Standard Nursery expanded its activities in many floricultural activities not limiting itself in growing of plants, it provided services on landscaping, contract services to beautify the office premises, established garden center, etc. In 1995 it started a trading wing of floriculture products to avail the nursery implements such as flower seeds, garden tools, high quality & new verities of planting materials and many others. easily to the professional growers.

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What makes The Standard Nursey different from others?

The Largest Nursery in the Heart of Kathmandu City.

Pioneer to begin the floriculture as an industry in Nepal by commencing first ever commercial scale production of cut flower production of carnation and rose in the greenhouse.

Pioneer organization to bring up the concern for the wild orchids of Nepal to be conserved by having first ever orchid conservatory in the country.

In-house trained and experienced human resources in the field of floriculture.

Introducing newest technologies and crops in the field.

Imported Plants

We directly import plants from India and various countries.

Wide Range of Varities

Sufficient options to choose from.

Award Winners

Winners of many prestigious national and international awards.

Importers of Plants

Display area with poly-houses and shade tents.

Reasearch Team

A dedicated team involved in the reasearch and development suitable to Nepalese climate.


Helping aspiring students learn practically from field work and internships.

We have trained hundreds of individuals since our establishment and helped them to establish their business in the industry.