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Garden Maintainance

The floriculture is still in its very infant stage in Nepal however the growth rate is gaining momentum. The Standard Nursery is the pioneer in the modernization of the floriculture as an industry in Nepal. The nursery has introduced many new modern technologies for cultivation of different floriculture crops. Commercial production of carnation cut flower has been one of the most successful crops which TSN introduced in Nepal. Now, carnation has been one the leading flower crop in the commercial purpose and now there are number of carnation growers in the country. Similarly, the nursery introduced production of a cut flower variety rose and has been quite successful. There are quite number of growers in the country presently. In the process other crops were also introduced such as; alstroemeria, calla lily, and limonium.


Landscaping services is one of the growing sub-sectors within floriculture industry. Landscaping services is at an initial stage of the industry in Nepal, however it is very encouraging considering growth rate of the business and the tremendous people’s awareness. Since the climate of Nepal is such diverse the industry has a great potential to develop with its own planting resources, over 5,000 endemic species. The Standard Nursery is committed to building this service to an industry with indigenous plants and modern technical know-how. The Standard Nursery has ample of experience in the design and construction of landscaping projects. It has been involved in well over 500 design and construction projects throughout valley and outside the valley varying from small residential garden designing and construction to large greenery projects like Presidents Residence, Embassies, INGO’s, Hotels, Resorts etc.

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Plant Rental Consultation

Interior beautification is another service which also has the high potential service in the floriculture sector. The nursery is the pioneer in introducing this type of services in Nepal and has been involved in this service for more than 20 years serving many corporate office complexes. The nursery is also committed to developing this service further in the country. The standard Nursery is the pioneer service provider of this kind in Nepal since the early eighties. Without a doubt it has ample of experience in the interior greenery and beautification. It has been involved in such projects since more than more than twenty years in many banks and other office complexes.

Design and Build

The nursery has been constructing greenhouse with local indigenous materials and practical knowledge. It has been building the much practical greenhouses and suitable for the climate to produce optimum result at a significantly low cost but of high quality products.

Recently The Standard Nursery has added new Green house 500 sq m with galvanized steel structure and 5 layered UV treated greenhouse film.

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Woleselling of Tools and Equipments

The nursery has established a garden center at the nursery premises. It has most gardening tools, supplies, etc. for the convenience of the client.

Chemicals & Fertilizers

The nursery has developed a conservatory to conserve the indigenous plants realizing the destruction of the natural resources by the people, resulting in the extinction of flora and fauna, especially the orchids, medicinal plants, and other species.

The nursery has, in its conservation, many species of orchids, more than 20 species of ferns and other indigenous plants. The program is quite intensive and requires a lot of research work, as a result it has been quite difficult for the nursery to maintain the conservatory. It has been seeking the assistance from donors to further develop and strengthen the program for the future.